Assassin's Creed® Shadows Naoe (Original Painting)

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A new Creed rises over Japan.  Shadows tells the story of a Shinobi Assassin’s journey to find her destiny, which takes place during the time of feudal Japan.  Like the shadows, Naoe is almost invisible, quick and agile.  She uses noise, light, and shadows to evade detection and become one with her surroundings.
Blend has painted the beautiful, ruthless and skillful Naoe in full action, loaded with weapons and gear, jumping from above to attack and assassinate her targets.  The beautiful bright reds and blues with the Japanese Torii in the background make this powerful original oil on canvas painting one to remember.


All measurements in inches. Product and frame ratio and imagery are approximate and may not be exactly as shown.

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Peinture originale à l’huile sur toile
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Blend Cota et Ubisoft vous présentent une première prestigieuse dans le domaine des Beaux-Arts, la collaboration ultime, où le jeu est élevé au rang du monde des Beaux-Arts. Ces peintures de qualité musée, au fil du temps, deviendront une superbe collection de beaux-arts de Blend Cota capturant des actions mémorables et des moments historiques de l'expérience immersive d'Assassin's Creed®.