Summer Joy (Art Print Framed)

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One of Blend's many artistic gifts is to pay homage to specific artists that influenced him. He loved Norman Rockwell for his ability to transport us to a simpler nostalgic time in his photorealistic paintings. Blend's exquisite details capture the pure joy of a little girl with her pets on a beautiful summer day. For many of us this painting brings back the idealistic time and feeling where life was much simpler and joyful.


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Canvas Open Edition is printed on high grade Premium Canvas
Framed Canvas Open Edition - Italian black shadow box wooden frame
Gallery Wrapped Open Edition - hand stretched on hardwood
Metal Open Edition is printed on metal
Paper Open Edition is printed on heavyweight card stock
Certificate of Authenticity
Made in USA and Canada


Blend uses the old masters' skills and artistry and infuses vivid colors to bring his paintings to life - each telling their own breathtaking story. This is not only a revival of this lost art style, but also a rejuvenation.


Blend Cota’s Open Edition Prints are reproductions of the original artwork. They are printed with fade-resistant inks, photographic color fidelity and display the greatest attention to detail, color, and artwork accuracy.