Le Coq Gaulois (Art Print Cardstock)

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​The Gallic Rooster, a symbol of French colors, culture and history, is an art print on paper cardstock with playful strokes of passion and energy to represent this beautiful bird's courage, determination and virility when defending the flock. Every morning, the cry of the rooster is a call to the victory of light conquering darkness and good triumphing over evil. Vive la France, vive la Liberté, vive Le Coq!


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Canvas Open Edition is printed on high grade Premium Canvas
Framed Canvas Open Edition - Italian black shadow box wooden frame
Gallery Wrapped Open edition - hand stretched on hardwood
Metal Open Edition is printed on metal
Paper Open Edition is printed on heavyweight card stock
Certificate of Authenticity
Made in USA and Canada


One of Blend's passions is to express himself in his works where his subjects take on a new perspective through the infusion of layers of vivid and bold colors. He applies what may appear to be free flowing random brushstrokes - soft and subtle yet blended with hard and powerful texture. The end result is a stunning work of art bathed in a kaleidoscope of color yielding a richness and perspective rarely seen - Color Expressionism.


Blend Cota’s Open Edition Prints are reproductions of the original artwork. They are printed with fade-resistant inks, photographic color fidelity and display the greatest attention to detail, color, and artwork accuracy.