In God We Trust

nativity painting jesus mary and joseph christ is born
I came from a country where religion was forbidden.  As a kid, I remember my grandma hiding in a dark corner of her room and trying to pray in silence, in fear of being spied on and persecuted by her own family-who were told to only praise the Communist party...  Sounds like a time long gone but still so vivid in my memory.  As the system collapsed, we started to believe again, with stronger faith and trust in God.  Through good and bad, I feel that God is by my side, giving me the power to be a better man, to care for others and to fight my battles and keep creating.  My series of historic biblical paintings, created in a Realism Renaissance style, are a personal labor of love for me and a very emotional journey.  I wanted each piece to tell a detailed story in hope of bringing the emotions of those moments to life.  

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